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The King’s Privateer



An online biography of the famous Welsh-Jamaican, Sir Henry Morgan, who became a brilliant military strategist, privateer, leader of the buccaneers, politician, and statesman.

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I have had an interest in the Welsh-Jamaican hero, Sir Henry Morgan, for decades and have read everything I could find about him and the times during which he lived. …



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Appendices & Bibliography

Appendix I

Admiral Henry Morgan’s 1670 Commission

Appendix II

The Will of Sir Henry Morgan, Knt.

Appendix III

Ships Under Morgan’s Command In 1670

Sources & Bibliography










As a boy, I read Sabatini’s Captain Blood, which got me thinking about Henry Morgan. Soon after, I read Cup of Gold: A Life of Sir Henry Morgan, etc., by John Steinbeck. But that was fiction, and by then I wished to know the real story of my fellow Jamaican. 

For that, I turned to non-fiction accounts like John Esquemeling’s The Buccaneers of America, E.A. Cruikshank’s The Life of Sir Henry Morgan, John Masefield’s On the Spanish Main, Walter Adolphe Roberts’s Sir Henry Morgan: Buccaneer and Governor and Clarence Henry Harin’s Buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century. I’ve read pretty much everything I could that touch

ed on the life of the “buccaneer”, including Dudley Pope’s biography, Harry Morgan’s Way, and works by David Cordingly, Frank Cundall, David Marley and Alexander Winston. There have been others, of course, many of which are listed in the Bibliography, but I am especially grateful to the aforementioned authors and researchers for the inspiration they provided and for their extremely helpful bibliographies.


I am also indebted to the inter-library loan services that allowed me to borrow items not held in nearby library systems as many of the books I consulted for this project have been out of print or otherwise unavailable for purchase at a price I could afford. And, I’d be remiss if I did not also give thanks to Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, British History Online and Google Search for the access they provide to digitized public domain works and for the countless trips to the library these marvellous online resources and tools have saved me. 


36-pounder cannon at the ready | Antoine Morel-Fatio

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